Matt Sav visits Grace Farm

Portrait of viticulturist Tim Quinlan in the vines, by Matt Sav.

Over the summer we invited Matthew Saville aka Matt Sav down to Grace Farm with his various cameras and pieces of equipment. Matt is an old friend of George's who used to spend a lot of time down south with us during school holidays. Now, we are very excited as we watch Matt forge a promising career as a graphic designer, photographer, videographer and, at other times, a musician. Previously Matt's worked with local yet world famous bands such as Tame Impala, Pond and San Cisco while also being a co-founder of Hand Studio. Naturally, we were honoured to have Matt produce some work for us.

The complete album of photos taken by Matt on 35mm film, capturing light and colour in a way that no digital camera ever could, can be viewed HERE on our Facebook page. Matt also filmed and produced two short video clips for us that can be viewed below. A few more photos follow the films.


Sunrise in the vines, by Matt Sav.

A closeup of the canopy, by Matt Sav. 

The stretch of coastline just a few kilometres from Grace Farm, by Matt Sav.