Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

The Grace Farm SBS is old world meets new. The style favours complexity over simplicity by integrating the freshness of stainless steel tank fermentation with the flavour, structure and texture provided by approximately 10% new oak barrel fermentation. The style offers the possibility of enjoying the fresh fruit character of each variety when young, and showcases the strength of each in the blend, but it also allows the wine to age beautifully and develop texture over time.

Sauvignon blanc and semillon are the white varieties of Bordeaux, and in that region they offer a complex style often made in barrel and having barrel maturation with lees stirring to create a layered and textured wine. By having a 10% component of the SBS made this way, the benefits of this style balance the new-world fresh component of powerful tropical and citrus characters to create a harmonious experience for the consumer.

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Current Releases