The 2015 Vintage at Grace Farm

Vintage 2015 has finished after a protracted season involving a variety of hurdles. Summer consisted of strong winds and hot dry days which involved careful management of the vine canopies to protect the delicate grapes from overexposure. Bird pressure was the highest in over a decade due to a lack of blossom on the native gum trees and subsequently the entire vineyard had to be netted to ward off potential crop loss. Finally, bursts of rain and lightning just prior to picking led to careful scheduling of harvest dates.

Yields in the whites were lower than expected and hence the flavours were concentrated amongst fewer bunches. The reds were left to ripen for longer this year as we waited for a few rain spells to pass. The result of this extended ripening is showing through in the form of soft skin tannins which will impart a seamless palate to match the rich flavours that are evolving in the tanks.

What a relief to have the grapes in the winery after dealing with all of the challenges that nature can send!

Tim Quinlan


Photo by Matt Sav on 35mm film