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Scorpions vie with grapes, wildflowers and macro-invertebrates

Grace Farm has been part of the Augusta Margaret River Shire’s “Our Patch” programme for a number of years and we look forward to the annual visit from Cowaramup Primary Year 6 class in early spring. Our Patch is a brilliant programme allowing students to visit sites with a water catchment and to learn about different land uses. We have been told the undeniable highlight of the day each year is finding scorpions and hearing about their fascinating habits and habitat with our multi-talented viticulturist Tim Quinlan at Grace Farm. Tim shares his knowledge with the kids and his passion for the scorpion is palpable. He explains that the sandy soils inhabited by scorpions are also where we find tiny...

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A eulogy for the free-standing gum

The gigantic dead red gum at the end of the rows of cabernet sauvignon vines at Grace Farm. Even though we place high conservation value on all of the native vegetation it is inevitable that free-standing gum trees will occasionally die due to historical disturbance of the bush under-story and the ensuing decline in biodiversity. The natural plant diversity in undisturbed forest is paramount for tree health because the suite of beneficial fungi and other microbes which keep tree roots healthy are most numerous when many different plants co-exist in the same area. This is one of the reasons that the Mair family have planted so many native seedlings on the Grace Farm property. It is a way of increasing...

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